personal training

One-on-one personal training at 1 of 3 Synergy Fitness Studios (see Locations). Each session is one-hour in length, taken from a 6-week premeditated, personalized training program based on the client's fitness assessment and goals. Every program is a living-breathing document allowing for progressions and regressions based on how the client's daily state. 

in-home trainining

One hour personal training session in which the trainer commutes to client's home gym. Similar to private personal training, In-Home clients receive a complimentary fitness assessment and 6-week program based on personal goals. 


Bring fitness and wellness into your office with our specialized bootcamp packages (4, 6, and 8 week options) and informational sessions! Our services provide the opportunity to combat and prevent the long-term injuries and general health risks that result from a chronically seated, static posture - thereby improving your employees' happiness, health, and overall work efficiency. 


Group fitness classes are designed to provide you with a fun, efficient and killer workout! Our indoor and outdoor bootcamps are held on the weekends (dates/times TBA) and include training circuits that combine strength training and cardio.